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Fri, Oct. 7th, 2005, 09:25 am
misstreebc: Tons of wildlife seen 2pm - 6pm Botswana time!!!

I have the day off work, and couldn't help but spend a large part pf the day glued to the cam. *g*

I cannot belive the variety of species I've seen today!!!

Here's a list:

2:10 impala
2:24 herd of zebra
2:36 3 eland and a herd of impala
2:49 warthog and more impala
3:02 gray heron
3:10 Fatty
3:24 huge bird with red head (probably heron)
3:28 impala
3:29 Fatty with heron about a foot away! *g* Heron was completely unconcerned about Fatty who was sunning.
3:43 heron
3:45 herd of 5 zebras including young, sharing the pond with a warthog family of 4
3:57 impala walked by
4:07 heron
4:20 impala
4:23 heron, 2 impalas
4:30 3 teeny somethings (birds, reptiles?)
4:33 heron
4:43 heron and whole troop of baboons with kill. (Decapitated baboon?)
Very fascinating behavior. I didn't see them kill the animal, but they seem to be canibalizing their own. Kill looks like baboon as far as I can tell.
4:53 heron and other waterfoul. (Goose?)
5:28 heron, vulture or eagle? Waterfoul (goose?)
5:30 baboon
5:35 baboon playing in water
5:42 ostrich in distance
5:43 vultures? herons
5:49 impala, ostriches
5:57 small herd of impala

It's been a busy day on the pond! *g*

Did anyone see, or does anyone know for sure what killed the carcass that the baboons were on, and if it was, indeed, an other baboon? Thanks!!!

Fri, Jul. 23rd, 2010 03:43 pm (UTC)

whats the site to see all of this ?