October 5th, 2005



Welcome to the Pete's Pond community!

Pond watchers are welcome to post their observations, ask questions, express opinions, and simply marvel at what goes on at the Pond.

You do not have to be a LiveJournal member to read or to post a comment, but I strongly suggest you register because it will make the experience more personal and rewarding. You must register in order to post an actual blog entry in the community. It takes two minutes to join and there is no fee and you won't get any spam emails. You don't even have to maintain a LiveJournal.

LiveJournal is very user-friendly. Read the home page for general in and check the FAQ (click here) for answers to all your questions.

My name is Elizabeth and I am established this community because I love the Pond and as a longtime LiveJournal user, I feel this site offers the perfect environment for the folks who enjoy the WildCam.

For more information on LiveJournal and how communities like this one work, please see the FAQ located here: community FAQ.

I will be fine-tuning the community over the next day or so. Your input is welcome and encouraged.

Wildlife Conservation in Botswana, Zimbabwe & South Africa

In order to better educate ourselves on the the wildlife, geography, and conservation efforts in Southern Africa, I've compiled a few links to more info. This isn't heavy academic stuff but it does help provide a broader picture an a bit more insight into what we see at Pete's Pond. These links relate specifically to the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park regaion - home of Pete's Pond.

Mashatu Game Reserve (This one is more tourist related, but the Pond is in Mashatu, so I had to include it)
Lots of nice info, including details on the Central Limpopo Valley Elephant Research Project

More info on Mashatu

African Conservation Foundation - an impressive list of conservation and research efforts

Cheetah conservation

South African National Parks

article on conservation areas that transcend borders

African Bird Club

Elephant conservation

Posting animal sightings

Please feel free to post your WildCam sightings in this community.

Put the name of the animal you saw - or think you saw - in the subject line of the post. That way, we'll be able to track the best sighting times for certain animals over time. It will be easy to find the Elephant, hyena, lion etc. entries in the community archive.

Be sure to note what time (Botswana time - as indicated on the cam web page) so we know when the critter appeared.

If you are new to LiveJournal, please scroll down and read the first post, or click on "User Info" in the column to the right. I've included info on how to get started.

Posting images from the web cam

If you have screen captures from the WildCam, there are two ways to get them posted in this community:
If you have a server space of your own or if you have access to the LiveJournal's photo service, you can upload an image and post it here. Check this FAQ for more info: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=6

If you have no idea what the heck I'm talking about but you have a web cam image you'd like to see posted, you can email the image to me at - petes.pond@gmail.com and I will post it for you. Please include any info you have regarding what was happening when the animal(s) appeared and what time you captured it from the cam. Of course, I'll credit the photo to the sender.

Good night! It's way past my bedtime.