misstreebc (misstreebc) wrote in petes_pond,

Tons of wildlife seen 2pm - 6pm Botswana time!!!

I have the day off work, and couldn't help but spend a large part pf the day glued to the cam. *g*

I cannot belive the variety of species I've seen today!!!

Here's a list:

2:10 impala
2:24 herd of zebra
2:36 3 eland and a herd of impala
2:49 warthog and more impala
3:02 gray heron
3:10 Fatty
3:24 huge bird with red head (probably heron)
3:28 impala
3:29 Fatty with heron about a foot away! *g* Heron was completely unconcerned about Fatty who was sunning.
3:43 heron
3:45 herd of 5 zebras including young, sharing the pond with a warthog family of 4
3:57 impala walked by
4:07 heron
4:20 impala
4:23 heron, 2 impalas
4:30 3 teeny somethings (birds, reptiles?)
4:33 heron
4:43 heron and whole troop of baboons with kill. (Decapitated baboon?)
Very fascinating behavior. I didn't see them kill the animal, but they seem to be canibalizing their own. Kill looks like baboon as far as I can tell.
4:53 heron and other waterfoul. (Goose?)
5:28 heron, vulture or eagle? Waterfoul (goose?)
5:30 baboon
5:35 baboon playing in water
5:42 ostrich in distance
5:43 vultures? herons
5:49 impala, ostriches
5:57 small herd of impala

It's been a busy day on the pond! *g*

Did anyone see, or does anyone know for sure what killed the carcass that the baboons were on, and if it was, indeed, an other baboon? Thanks!!!
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